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Rent a 4WD for an adventure with driver

Thrifty has a wide-range of 4WD for those who want to explore Bario Baram in comfort and style. These 4WD rentals are perfect for family fun with space and power, and coupled 24-hour roadside assist, Thrifty gives you peace of mind while you’re touring.

Top places to rent a 4WD

With more than 170 locations around Baram,Sarawak, you’ll never have to travel far to rent a 4WD. A 4WD rental in Long Bangga can be perfect for adventures into the Blue Mountains,Waterfalls and river.  Here are some of our top locations for 4WD hires:

  • Mulu
  • Bario
  • Long Seridan
  • Long Leng
  • Long Jenalong
  • Long Kawa
  • Long Bedian
  • Long Bangga

Each Thrifty location offers a range of vehicles, and our savvy staff will be able to help you find the right model for your needs, or may be able to point you towards a truck rental if that’s better suited to the task at hand.